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Pink Floyd - Young Lust Demo
by Axel Merlino on YouTube

Roy Buchanan - Soul Dressing
by wcdawson100 on YouTube
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Roy left us far too early

by VideoBoxMusic on YouTube

Fernanda Porto - Só tinha de ser com você
by Musicas que a gente ama Nacionais on YouTube
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IZA - I Put a Spell On You
by IZA on YouTube
In truth I have never disappeared, but I have spent and spend a lot of time in hubzilla (ex red-matrix), in fact this is my real page
I have also created a lot of other pages and forums, always in hubzilla (like animajazz - progressiverock - pinkfloydaddicts...and more ;) )
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Wow and thanks Giaco... you truly are a 'jukebox hero' :)

Foreigner - Juke Box Hero 2010 Live Video HD
by NEA ZIXNH on YouTube
:) thank you :*
do you know that if you want, after adding the channel/profile of course, starting from diaspora, you can write in the wall of a hubzilla-forum ?
You just need to mention using a "+" after the name in the mention (@forumname+), without space.
ps: remembering that radiogiaco is not a forum  but animajazz is for ex. ;)