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About: AnalogDigitalCafe, stemming from Marketing & Intelligence, is the digital marketing agency & marketing consultancy for you, focused on empowering brands, making them sustainable and driving them to become customer-attractive. At the heart of our mission is to bank on new media such as social media and search engine optimization services to offer new experiences and drive optimized ROIs for our clients. Since 2015, the year of our incorporation, we have developed over 50 visually appealing, user-friendly websites, conducted dozens of social media campaigns, generated qualified leads through paid and search campaigns, and formulated comprehensive digital strategies for brands from diverse verticals such as fashion, auto, FMCG, travel, manufacturing, healthcare, eCommerce, entertainment and more.We have also counselled startups and SMEs as a brand and marketing consultancy.
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About: I use Hubzilla and Red Matrix and Gnusocial : giac, radiogiaco, jim and other things... :)

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I live in Brazil and I am Italian
About: Love Party and Food
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About: RailMitra provides promising services for train travelers to meal booking on the train with an AI-enabled web application that helps the traveler to get food at their place.
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Description: Physics Teacher and human intelligence Enthusiast. Prof. Fí­sica e Entusiasta da Inteligência human
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About: Um entusiasta da inteligência humana... mais sobre mim? Siga esse apontador!

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About: If you are planning to start a new business or any company, then the very first question which probably hits your mind is to choose the best marketing strategy. The reason why a marketing strategy is so much important is that it is directly affecting your approaches to make high sales.
If you think that building relevant content for your business should be your top priority, then you are completely wrong with this concept. Equal importance has to be given to digital marketing strategies which play an important role in your business growth.
But do you know what the difference between digital marketing and content marketing is? What sort of strategies has to be used in your business and from where you should start?
Well, let’s crack into it and give you a complete guide to assist you curating an excellent marketing strategy driven by either content marketing or digital marketing.
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