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Are you ready ?

Are you ready ?
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what about
Childhood’s End ?



is good?

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I enjoyed it. Not perfect, but pretty good. I've not read the novel, so I can't say how true it was to the source material.
Discovery May Be an Official Star Trek Show, but The Orville Could Wind Up the Truer One


Seth MacFarlane is a bit of a controversial figure. Sure, Family Guy might be one of the longest-lasting animated shows on television, but I’m not a huge fan. After all, the man can be problematic...to put it mildly. Yet, his new show, The Orville, coming later this fall, is one I’m very much interested in...because of something I am a fan of: Star Trek. Even though there’s an official Trek coming out, this one might end up coming out on top.

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I liked a lot the first season :like
 de Friendica
Except for the Klingons I liked it. Well the one purpose in life species is also questionable.
I love the 2 actresses
War Of The Worlds (BBC-1 2018) | Memorable TV

From Peter Harness comes the first British television adaptation of H. G. Wells’ novel The War Of The Worlds. Funny to think that the BBC have never attempted a take on this classic before. At least the technology we have now should do it justice.

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Discovery Adds To Its Ranks


News - Check out the latest additions to the Star Trek: Discovery cast at...

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my sister took photos yesterday...
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es el tuo navegador, tenta outro navegador
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Ya la he visto, ji.

Probaré con otro, pero creo que desde mi trabajo tampoco te podía ver.