Universal Hippies - Dead Hippie's Revolution (2017) (New Full Album)

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Some of you may have seen or heard from the Facebook, but my MRI on Friday showed no Change, again, meaning, not only no growth, but also no improvement, and this is after a year and a half of chemo. The neuro-oncologist is out of ideas, he just apparently wants to continue chemo indefinitely, but he HAS to discontinue one of the drugs I've been on, so I'll be going back to one drug, there will be fewer side effects, but little hope of any improvement. he's just, apparently, hoping to prolong the agony, in the hope something new comes up, which is ridiculous, since, I've brought him about half a dozen articles on new therapies and discoveries, and all he ever says is "we don't do that here".I think I'm going to tqke up smoking tha herbage (again). The Universidad Complutense de Madrid/Spain has published like 5 studies PROVING that the cheeba kills brain cancer, but stodgy old Yale won't even consider it.
Wishing you all the best, @Dr. Tony B. Katz  <3 :-)
everything I read says CBD while useful in my case , helping to control my seizures, does nothing to tumours, themselves, it's the THC that kills tumour cells!
So happy to hear from you, @Dr. Tony B. Katz ! <3 Hang in there.

I mystype "locate" so often I've finally just aliased
alias locat=locate
Lowcat, a highcat solution.
moksha - My Sleeping Karma


My Sleeping Karma - Moksha (2015) (Full Album)
by Lunatic Of Pot's Creation on YouTube
Riders of Rohan!


Gondor calls for aid, and Rohan will Answer!!!!!
Fantastic! :-)
Tweet from Neil DeGrasse Tyson:

Especially to all those Aussies who like to think of themselves as “down-under”:

¡sǝʇɐɯ 'ǝɔᴉʇsloS ɹǝʇuᴉM ʎddɐH
It's half past cloudy.
in Spanish, too, "los Tiempos" can be "the weather" or "the times".
na verdade pensando bem  também o português e o francês  ;)
.. é o inglês que não presta :D
Sorry, I've been

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ill...busy... too selfish to stop in and say HEY! I'm still alive!!!!
Good so see you're still around:-) Get well!
Há! Was actually asking myself about your whereabouts ;D
Holy crap! You are still alive!

I been wondering about you. I enjoy reading what you have to say even when I disagree.
Hope your health improves and you feel up to sharing more with us.
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posting from TclRunlog

Of course, I think I'm the only living dinosaur still writing tcl/tk that isn't working for NASA or something...
I'm guessing the #API has changed since I wrote my code?

@Hubzilla Support Forum+

It worked beautifully with RedM, but I know this is a Brave new world, and I haven't even looked  at the Hubzilla docu in regards to the API...

#tcl #http #post #error
i.e. - there's nothing I can do about it, until I admin my own hub again (not only to enable plugins, but to see logs with more specific info at the other end), and when I do, I'm likely to have to wrestle with making my application work with the twitter API thingy, which I can only imagine will be a fat headache.... I remember wrestling with their auth crap in the past and finding their documentation woefully inadequate to explain to me what I needed to do, or why, and what was really happening behind the curtain...
You can clone to parlementum which has the plugin enabled
Fitness 032317

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I walked 1.3 miles with Lola this morning.
Later I cycled 12.9 miles in 30 minutes.
top speed 42.3 MPH*, ave. speed 25.7 MPH).
I also did 100 push-ups, 100 pull-ups and 400 crunches.
I weighed in at 132 lbs with a BG reading of 95 mg/dL.
There were other assorted calisthenics, and so far now,
9985 crunches this year!

#fitness @fitonyb  #cycling #calisthenics #diabeticlife #fuckcancer

* (again - this is on the magnetic trainer, indoors, so all flat, no turns, no traffic, no obstacles, etc.)
How to prepare tea from herbs collected in the summer

How to prepare tea from herbs collected in the summer.

But is it really #tea ? or just some herbal infusion? (not the same thing, of course).

@Camellia Sinensis Moment+
Acá nos EUA qualquer infusão ou bebida quente que não seja Cafe ou Chocolate, pode chamar-se de "tea"
e até o erva mate pode chamar-se de tea.
But I disagree, that crap people make with chamomile flowers, pine needles, or whatever else, is NOT tea.. I don't care what they try to call it
Chimarrão já é outra coisa ;)
Camomila é meu chá favorito yellow heart smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
Fitness 031817

I walked 2 miles with Lola this morning.
Later I cycled 12.8 miles in 30 minutes.
(top speed 41.7 mph, ave. speed 25.5 mph).
I also did 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, and 400 crunches.
I weighed in at 134 lbs. with a BG reading of 82 mg/dL.

#fitness #cycling #calisthenics #diabetes #diabeticlife
Syg Ar Tyr - Blood of the North

 music  metal
Fitness 031217

@Dr. Tony B. Katz

I walked 1.4 miles with Lola this morning.
Later I ellipticised for 36 minutes completing 10 miles and burning 2000 calories.
I weighed in at 135 lbs with a BG reading of 92 mg/dL.

#fitness #walk #elliptical #diabetes.
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Fitness 031117
I walked 1.6 miles this morning with the dog.
Later I cycled 12.4 miles in 30 minutes,
(Top speed 39.3mph or 63 kph, ave speed 24.6 mph or 39.6 kph).
I also did 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 calf raises
60 shoulder raises with a chair and 400 crunches.
I weighed in at 134 lbs with a bg reading of 104 mg/dL.

#fitness #cycle #diabetes
Alastor - Black Magic

This is some good shite right here:

Alastor - Black Magic (2017) (New Full Album)
by Stoned Meadow Of Doom on YouTube

#music #alastor #metal #shoegaze  #oldskool #satanworshipingdoom #doom #psychadelia #psychadelic
So...How are you feline?
Are you read for your Cat Scan?
Black Willows - Samsara (2016) (New Full Album)

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