Modular shelving is now installed, cleaning up done, we're slowly moving books in here. One photo here:


The centerpiece of a home office is usually the desk. This seems more like a hostile takeover of yet another room by the ever expanding library. ;-)
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You make library encroachment sound like a bad thing Mike ;-)
Let's call it the benevolent repurposing of space, with mutual consent.

I kidded yesterday that the neighbors build elaborate brick grills; I build bookcases.
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This is an important thought. You really should read this.

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Entendi. OK.
* Breakfast and study with neighbor at 6.30 am.
* Workout with wife at 8.20 am.
* Process of cleaning home office after shelving installation finished yesterday, ongoing.
* Search for desk and chair, begins now.

Q: What do you do because it is good for you, but not necessarily pleasant to do?

Get out of bed and go to work?
The company did a beautiful job with the modular shelving in my #homeoffice. I'm pleased. Tomorrow, a good cleaning, then books and papers start moving in. And I'm shopping for a new desk and chair. Later, a sofa for the designated space, when I get some money. Can I close down the old office by the time we travel in a couple of weeks?
Your Touch of Love – Believing Prayer

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In today's devotional Ed M., from his work "Plow New Ground," wrote, as a part of his prayer:

"Your presence is my victory."



In my own little world it's lonely,
Surrounded by a palisade
With space for one, dying slowly,
Behind my hiding wall, afraid.

One more day, they say, to finish installing the modular shelving in the home office. There's a lot of it, much detail. It's looking good.
Sudden serious need for some wake-me-up brew. So off to a coffee house I go. But which one? This area has become known as the bairro das cafeterias. Let's start out walking and see.
So the Le Chemin won out. Chocolate and coffee. New place, owner is a pastry chef, or some fancy title. Good prices, good coffee, great chocolate.
This not the worst of scenarios.
I'll be leaving this area for my home office. Maybe I'll eat fewer sweets that way, reckon?
Pensamento de hoje:

"Bendito seja o Senhor,
Deus, nosso Salvador,
que cada dia suporta as nossas cargas".
—Salmo 68.19

#Bíblia #Deus
Will today be the last normal, hour-keeping day at #TheSnuggery office? After 16 1/2 yrs. #HomeOffice ought to be ready by day's end. Then, of course, there's cleaning to be done before it can be inhabited. Ah, and a desk and chair. Nothing adequate for that space.
Bread from the store was still hot enough to melt butter when I got it home. Earle Grey tea was perfect. Great start of the morning.

#food #life
Copped out of workout tonight, too much exposure to noise, movement, people, all day long. Think I'll call it quits early tonight. #life
So here's a set-up for Mr @Mike Macgirvin , after his creepe shoppe comment:

Missus and I went to get a bite to eat, since we've had two groups of workers here at the house all day.

We went to, er, Mudde Burger.

Pronounced in Portuguese, it sounds like the imperative for the verb, to change.

And, no, it didn't taste like mud. Quite good actually.

Two groups of workers here at the house today: one, in the attic, replacing our old water tank; the other, in the back, installing the modular shelving for my new #home_office. Saws, hammers, and other tools of their trade making havoc of my day. All for the good, however.


I read a lot of stuff I don't understand fully, in technology, finance, and other areas. I sometimes get the gist, sometimes not. But it gives me an idea about tendencies, bleed-over from one area to another, broadens my thinking, even if it is sometimes foggy or vague.

#reading #mind

I gave my rented office the name of The Snuggery. Am thinking of what to call my new home office.

Wrote about the move today in my UPLift article. "Change Can Be Frightening."


OT: Have read about interest in joining email and Hubzilla. Would be great to have a Hubzilla option to do something like this group email list service. But that might be a bit much, reckon?

#change #office