Copy a Hubzilla channel from one hub to another - why are the files in the cloud not copied?

King Emir#
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I created a channel in one hub, with some files (images) in the cloud/channel/. Then I copied the channel to another hub. The files in the old hub are not copied to the new hub. I also uploaded some files to the new hub, which are not shown in the old hub. What did I do wrong, or are files just not meant to be copied?
King Emir#
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I just saw that one can upload files with WebDAV. That means the storage location is your local DAV server and not the hub, right? I think this could be a nice solution for me, since I have a WDmycloudmirror 2Gen cloud server. The tutorial doesn't treat this to the full extent, so maybe someone could help me? But maybe the Webtorrent addon will be the better solution? The initial question still remains: will attached files be shown in both copies of the hubzilla channels?
Andrew Manning
In the Hubzilla 2.6 release notes there is the mention of
Discovered some issues syncing photos and files to clones, which were fixed.

In 2.4, new files were synced but not existing files. This may still be true, due to limits on PHP memory or something like that. Mike has explained it a few times, but it is difficult to search for previous conversations when you don't know they exist. I'll see if I can find previous discussions.
Mike Macgirvin
2.6 should sync newly created files to clones just fine. In order to sync the older ones you'll need to use a plugin.

Originally there were two plugins called redfiles and redphotos for cloning/pulling files from Redmatrix into Hubzilla. I don't know the current state of the plugins; you should now be able to do everything with just 'redfiles' but it may require a bit of additional work because the API has changed slightly. You're welcome to have a look.